An Open Letter to Women

To the child-free, the mothers, the hoping to be mothers, the worker bees, the homemakers, the single, the married, and the formerly married –

We see you.

Your womanhood, your value, your contribution to society, your worthiness is not defined by your lifestyle or family status.

Your success is not defined by what you don’t have: a house in the suburbs, a spouse, a child.

We see you, just as you are.
You are sprightly.

4 Ways to Declutter 2019

The freshest, purest of days – January 1st.
I’m loathe to set a resolution – that seems to doom a good idea or intention to failure just by giving it that weighty title, resolution.

None the less, on January 1st I can’t help but look around my life for what I might do a little differently with this blank slate.

If you’re doing the same today, here are 5 quick tips to get your year started by clearing the clutter from your home and mind

1. Toss the Unused and Expired

Start in the fridge and grab those Pyrex bowls and aluminum foil bundles way in the back – if you aren’t positively sure the food is still good, toss ’em!
Check the condiments while you’re in there – yes, condiments do expire!

2. Purge the Sock Drawer

Do a big load of laundry in the morning – gather up everything under your bed, at the bottom of the hamper, and the pile on the laundry room floor.
When it’s dry: turn on Netflix (Friends is especially good for this) and match up your socks – you know, like your mother taught you to.
Everything left without a match goes in the bin.

Bonus Points: Look in the back your sock draw and pull out the novelty socks – anything with words, tassels on the toes or that comes up above your knee. Have you worn those in 2018? No? In the bin.

3. Uninvite Spam

Does anyone else do that thing when online shopping where at checkout you don’t remember the email you used for Loft last time you placed an order so you guess and you guess wrong and now you get the Loft promotional emails 5 times a day to 5 different email addresses?

For a day or two open and unsubscribe from every single promotional email that comes in (unless you are enjoying from receiving them!).

4. Audit Your Audience

As your scroll your social media feeds, does anyone/anything makes you feel lesser than, like an ugly ducking, that you are falling behind, or generally worse about the state of the world?
Go unfollow/unfriend/unsubscribe from them.
No hard feelings, you just don’t need that in your brand spanking new 2019.